By: Shane D. Toews, Marketing Director

VANCOUVER, July 15th – Fraser Valley Hop Farms, Inc. (the “Company”).  Fraser Valley Hop Farms Inc has completed both the infrastructure and planting of 46 acres (18.61 hectares) of Cascade, Centennial, Triple Pearl and several other hop varieties. The remaining moths of 2018 the farm will continue infrastructure building for a total of 90 acres in 2018. The Company will continue planting for the remaining 44 acres in the spring of 2019.

Hops Field #2 (Cascade & Centennial)

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Alex Blackwell, Managing Director for the Company, stated “We are on schedule with construction as well as planting of hop varieties.” He added “I would like to thank the development team and our contractors for not only adhering to a stringent schedule but in fact building this facility in record time.”

After the seriously below-average world hop harvest in 2015, the hop and brewing industries both needed a good harvest to follow. This is when Fraser Valley Hop Farms realized the opportunity and began operations in 2016 to create the largest hops farm in Canada. Shane Toews, Marketing Director for the Company, stated “I am extremely proud of our efforts to date and look forward to continue planting in 2019.”

In a global hops report issued in July 2017 by Joh. Barth & Sohn GmbH & Co KG, Freiligrathstrasse, Washington State has over 15,000 producing hop acres where as all of Canada only has 135 acres. Which is remarkable considering the Fraser Valley area is located on the 49th parallel and arguably one of the very best climates for hops to flourish.

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World Market

Developments in the world market continue to have a high demand. On the one hand, consumption of mainstream beers in major beer nations such as China, the USA, Brazil and Russia is declining or stagnating, while on the other hand the craft segment with its high hopping rates continues to grow worldwide.

The global hop market as a whole is increasingly being influenced by the development of the world craft beer industry and its thousands brewers. Since 2012, the cultivation area in the North Americas hop-growing regions of Washington, Oregon and Idaho has grown by almost 60%, accompanied by a
massive selection of hop varieties.

About Fraser Valley Hop Farms

Fraser Valley Hop Farms is on track to be the largest producer of hop varieties in Canada. The Company will distribute premium-quality hops in North America and world wide. This premium product as well as premium product produced under exclusive arrangements with other local BC hop farms is grown in sophisticated, highly efficient and intensive agricultural landscape located in Agassiz, British Columbia. The hop varieties are marketed and distributed to breweries and craft breweries. The Company also plants production of their own state of the art processing facility in the spring of 2019.