The MyHops’s Data Feed is a comprehensive, enterprise level streaming market data solution.

MyHops’s Data Feed has been benchmarked as one of the fastest data streams in the industry, with all sources of latency removed and data processing fully optimized to ensure single digit millisecond performance. State of the art technology delivers normalized data from all North American exchanges with ultra-low latency, complete redundancy, and superior accuracy and reliability.

Data Feed Delivery Mechanisms

Some of our data libraries and API’s are provided by the Provincial government. To view all available data-sets provided by the Canadian Government please see:

MyHops’s Data Feed technology provides a highly flexible data delivery framework designed to best suit your needs within the farm.

A key goal for Fraser Valley Hops Farm is to maintain the economic health of our growers and their employees, while simultaneously providing value to our brewing customers. Economic sustainability, social responsibility, and environmental stewardship are the pillars of our sustainability efforts.

We aim to consistently provide our customers with the highest quality hop products and promote environmentally sustainable practices throughout all operations. Our entire organization is built on the foundation of a culture of continuous improvement, and incorporates feedback from all stakeholders including hop growers, FVHF personnel, and our brewing customers.

Streaming Real-Time Data

Sales, Crop Yield Data, Earnings & More

MyHops Data Feed has over 100 discrete data channels that can be readily accessed, and special custom feed configurations make data sourcing simple as well as cost effective.

MyHops’s Data Feed contains complete coverage of all hop farms that have publicly available statistics or reporting.

The data streams are tick-by-tick, in real-time or delayed, and completely normalized for ease of use. Supplemental fundamental, historical, and analytical data is also available, keyed to the for a complete market data solution.

As any sustainability report will tell you, we believe our people are our most critical asset. Our ability to execute on plans, deliver on promises, and build the organization we envision all relies on people. We are fortunate to procure hops from responsible farmers who respect their workers and the environment.

FVHF has not been involved in, and strongly oppose, any significant negative impacts in our supply chain from labor practices, compulsory or child labor, and/or other human rights violations.