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2020 Vision Hop Festival For Farm Share Partners

Source:  Fraser Valley Hop Farms

Farm Share Partner seeking to profit on the, 2020 harvest wil have to do so prior to the new year.  Agassis Hops Farm with a processing facility in Chilliwack is set to celebrate the harvest season as a milestone anniversary victory with big eyes on the potential harvesting yields of 2020.  Growing fresh and healthy hops has caught the eye of both Farm Credit CanadaBC Seeds in helping B.C. vegetable seed farmers harvest new opportunities funded programs to boost agriculture production in the province of British Columbia, Canada.

Those seeking to profit from the 2020 FSP harvest will have to secure their position prior to the new year. Hops are primary utilized to produce beer from micro to macro craft and international breweries. As more craft breweries continue to open their doors in British Columbia and Alberta local jobs and opportunities in the sector are also on the rise. This has added a tremendous amount of new employment positions throughout the local communities they operate within. It takes around 2-3 years for hop plants to establish their root structure and produce a full yield, the Aggasiz farm has already produced 47 acres which are both constructed and planted, with an additional 30 acres scheduled to be planted next spring.

Planting of the next 30-40 acres could start as early as March 2020.  While the hops farm has yet to receive funding from either the BC Seeds or Farm Credit Canada program, the number of breweries in British Columbia alone has increased by 20% from 2017.  (Source) Furthermore, craft brewery applications and startups for 2020 in Alberta already succeed the total amount of currently operating craft brewers in the province of B.C.  (Source)

Processing Hops In Chilliwack, BC 

Today, the bines are cut at the base of the plant which is strung at the top of a 20 foot pole. The plants are then transported from Agassiz to Chilliwack, where the hops are separated from the leaves, stem and string by the WOLFE hops processor imported from Germany.

Hops then travel up conveyor belts to begin the drying process. It takes 8 hours to reduce the moisture content from 80% to 10%.  Once dry they are either compressed into large sacks and bailed or pelletized.

The history of hop picking in Kent

It wasn’t until the mid-1950s to late-1950s that corn was Agassiz’s thing.  Before that, it was hops. From the 1890s to 1952, Agassiz’s hops were known the world over.  From August to October, as much as 2,000 hop pickers descended upon Agassiz.

Also take pride that Agassiz was once the Hop Capital of the World.  That’s planet-wide. We went global.  In a letter written and published by the Agassiz Harrison Observer by Harvey Andrew, Agassiz.

In the 1990s two factors contributing to B.C. hop farming’s collapse included;  market focus of fewer and bigger multinational brewing companies and competition from lower cost producers in Europe, Australia and the north-west states of the U.S. China is also a growing player.

“By the 1940s, the Fraser Valley communities of Agassiz, near Chilliwack, and Sardis were the largest hop producing regions in the British Commonwealth,” according to Brewer’s Gold. – BC Hop Growers Association

Funding:  Helping B.C. vegetable seed farmers harvest new opportunities

Fresh Hops At Processing Facility. 
The provincial government supports agricultural and farming projects.  Farming increases Canadian exports, employment and more.
British Columbia’s seed farmers will be able to expand their businesses through a comprehensive project that includes help in growing, processing, managing and marketing their products.
The rapidly growing market for B.C.’s 200 agricultural commodities provides an exciting career opportunity in farming. Advances in technology have opened up new possibilities in agriculture, allowing for highly efficient use of smaller lots, increased crop production and more efficient pest management. Furthermore, B.C.’s diverse demographic provides niche markets for both large and small scale businesses.


Lawrence MacAulay, federal Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food – Source

Lawrence MacAulay

Our government is proud to support this project, which will help agricultural producers process more seeds. Providing B.C. vegetable seed producers the tools they need to increase their production capacity and customer base will create new opportunities for them and contribute to growing the economy, while supporting well-paying, middle class jobs for Canadians.

Lana Popham, B.C.’s Minister of Agriculture  – Source

Lana Popham

Seeds may be small, but nothing is more important to agriculture than the life they contain. Seeds are the beginning of so much of our food supply and are absolutely critical to our personal health and the food security of our province. That’s why I am so proud to announce new funding to help diversify and increase seed production and processing in the province, supporting 15 seed businesses and 50 Seedy Saturdays, as well as the creation of resources and tools that promote seed growing, exchanges and 20 seed libraries throughout B.C.

Fraser Valley Hop Farms & Rick Knight

Rick Knight, working with both breweries and hop farms 

Rick has been working with the farm as a consultant to Fraser Valley Hop Farms, as hops require the proper infrastructure, irrigation, fertilizer, training and maintenance procedures to flourish.  Now in his vintage years, Rick Knight of Knight Hop Consulting is a legend in the BC hops industry. He’s well known as the long-time foreman at the last of BC’s original hop farms and his role within the BC Hop Growers Association. Rick is an invaluable asset to not only Fraser Valley Hop Farms but other hop farms who are both established and production.

Farm Share Partners

Fraser Valley Hop Farms has strategic partners that share in the annual hop yields. Additional farm share partners can participate in a percentage of the earnings.  However, in order to earn with the farm you would be required to secure your status prior to Jan 1st, 2019.  The farm does share a percentage of it’s earnings to strategic farm share partners.  To learn more about how the FSP system works you can reach out to Fraser Valley Hop Farms via the contact info listed below.

The farm currently has 46 acres fully constructed, planted and producing acres with an additional 30 acres constructed. At present time FVHFs does offer 7 different hop varieties such as:

Cascade, Triple Perle, Centennial, Cashmere, Sterling, Tahoma and Chinook.

In 2020 and beyond the farm plans to expand and utilize its full 130 acres.  When we reach our goal of 130 producing acres, FVHFs will by far be the largest hops farm in Canada.  FVHFs is a Canadian hop supplier to both local craft and international breweries.

We’re focused on providing premium quality hops and uncompromising service. Our team is driven by a profound appreciation for our natural resources and a heartfelt respect for the communities and customers we serve. Together, this creates a culture of continuous improvement centered on sustain-ably produced, innovative hop products for beer.” – Fraser Valley Hop Farms

Hops bailed at the processing facility for Fraser Valley Hop Farms | Located in Chilliwack, BC.

The global hops market driving factors are increasing demand for hops 

The popularity of homeopathic and medicinal drugs, cosmetic formulations and production of alcoholic beverages are all playing a role in the current shortage of hops worldwide. As a result of increasing demand for various flavors in beer such as pilsner or lager, the hops market is expected to increase significantly over the forecast period. A dramatic rise in popularity of craft beer is increasing as a result of growing consumer preference for heavy hop-based craft beers. This is a major factor that is significantly fuelling the growth of the global hops market. Hops are also being used more frequently as homeopathic solutions to normalize sleep disorders, nervousness and irritability.

With regards to the medicinal drugs, cosmetic formulations and alcoholic beverages. As a result of increasing demand for various flavors in beer such as pilsner or lager, the hops market is expected to increase significantly over the forecast period. Rise in popularity of craft beer is increasing as a result of growing consumer preference for hop-based craft beer, is a major factor that is significantly fuelling the growth of global hops market over the forecast period. Hops are primarily used for normalize sleep disorders, nervousness and irritability.

BC now has 180 breweries with a growth of 20% from 2017 – 2018.  Beer Canada Statistics

Operations Manager At Fraser Valley Hop Farms

Originally from Warsaw, Poland moved to Canada 20 yrs ago . Jakub is an entrepreneur with over 25yrs experience in residential and commercial construction with management and project estimating skills. His obsession to details is essential to meet and exceed building codes, the paramountcy of working within construction budgets and value of maintaining an organized and injury free job site.

Jakub K.  Operations Manager at:  Fraser Valley Hop Farms

He already possesses many skills that are essential and relevant for the diverse job requirements on the hops farm, Jakub is the type of person that rises to the occasion when a challenge presents itself.

Jakub has two main objectives as Operations Manager The First Objective: To ensure the farm’s infrastructure is layed out and built of quality beyond industry standard while working within our predetermined budget and time frame. This will include overseeing the quality and quantity of work completed by our sub-trades, ensuring the efficient operation of our equipment and working with our experienced consultants regarding irrigation and fertilizing of the plants.

Fraser Valley Hop Farms Inc

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“Fraser Valley Hop Farms is on a mission to bring locally
grown hops back to the Fraser Valley for both Canadian and Global
Breweries. Due to the international hops shortage we’ve seen a massive
demand for all hop varieties”