HUFFA “Hopping” Industry For British Columbia

A shortage in other countries allowed big profits in BC, and interest spread to other parts of the province. In the Chilliwack area, the industry continued to grow until the 1940’s when nearly 2,000 acres were under cultivation, with 4,000 people employed during the harvest each year.

04At its peak, the Fraser Valley represented the largest hop-growing region in the entire British Commonwealth. The province’s major corporate-owned breweries were buying cheaper hops almost exclusively from Washington State’s heavily subsidized hops industry.

Fewer and fewer farmers chose to grow hops until the last of the great Fraser Valley hop farms closed down in 1997.

Fraser Valley Hop Farms Inc., an emerging hops farm and provider of both wet and dry hops to breweries throughout North America, will be helping to revitalize the hops industry in the Fraser Valley by farming and supplying hops to the exploding craft beer industry in B.C.

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