Financial and Fundamentals Modules

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Annual and Quarterly Balance Sheets, Income Statements and Cash Flow

MyFarm offers a wide array of comprehensive and detailed UN-audited financial internal reporting and related data within the member login.

This detailed fundamental data is captured from a company’s POS (point of sale) system. This allows for important and up-to-date information regarding the financial position of Fraser Valley Hop Farms Inc and it’s subsidiraries. Current and historical Quarterly and Annual data are provided, as well as a host of pre-calculated ratios for each quarter.



At Fraser Valley Hop Farms, we only sell what we grow in our farms. We take pride in providing premium quality hops for local brewers while at the same time, maintaining a preeminent level of environmental stewardship.

Balance Sheets

  • Assets
    • Cash and Equivalents
    • Marketable Securities
    • Receivables
    • Invetories
    • Other Current Assets
    • Total Current Assets
    • Gross Fixed Assets
    • Accumulated Depreciation
    • Net Fixed Assets
    • Intangibles
    • Other Non-Current Assets
    • Total Non-Current Assets
    • Total Assets
  • Liabilities

    • Accounts Payable
    • Short Term Debt
    • Other Current Liabilities
    • Total Current Liabilities
    • Long Term Debt
    • Deferred Income Tax
    • Other Non-Current Liabilities
    • Minority Interest
    • Total Non-Current Liabilities
    • Total Liabilities
    • Preferred Equity
    • Total Equity
    • Total Liability & Stock Equity

Income Statements

  • Income
    • Operating Revenue
    • Adjustments to Revenue
    • Cost of Revenue
    • Gross Operating Profit
    • Selling/General/Admin Expense
    • Research & Development
    • Depreciation & Amortization
    • Interest Income
    • Other Income, Net
    • Tot Inc. Avail for Interest Expense
    • Interest Expense
    • Pre-Tax Income
    • Income Taxes

Predicted Future Earnings

Earnings estimates are possibly the most important data points when attempting to value a company. Analysts use a variety of considerations, including their own proprietary analytics and standardized forecasting models, guidance from corporate management and other information on the company, in order to predict the future earnings of a company.

The market relies heavily on these estimates to gauge a company’s current value, and as a benchmark to assess a company’s actual reported results compared to the street’s predictions. There can be a significant impact on a stock’s price when actual earnings differ from the consensus expectations


MyHops extensive Earnings data includes such data as:

  • Current Share Price
  • Target Harvest
  • Estimates Trend
  • Earnings / Gross / Net / Corporate /

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Key Ratios and Statistics

A Company’s Financial Position and Performance at a Glance

MyHops provides Key Ratios and Statistics for virtually every successful farm. Our attractive and intuitive displays give our strategic partners an instant snap shot of the current financial position of a company.

Whether the company is profitable and if its revenue is growing, whether Management is effectively using assets and capital, and much more.

Comprehensive Insider Coverage

Company insiders have the right to buy and sell products of their own company so long as they are complying with laws and rules that, among other things, prohibit making use of “material” non-public information. Securities regulators also require insiders to report any transactions they are involved with that relate to the company.

MyHops makes this this vital insider buying and selling information available in a variety of products, allowing you and your site visitors to assess what positions are being taken by those who are truly in the know.

MyHops has a close eye with our complete coverage of Insider activities for Canada and USA such as:

  • List of all Insiders (Brewing & Farming)
  • Acquisitions (non open market)
  • Sales
  • Exercise of Options
  • Number of Insider Trades
  • Number of Buys
  • Number of Sales
  • Net Activity
  • Proposed Sales
  • And more…