Fraser Valley Hop Farms Inc.’s first anticipated harvest will commence in August 2017, with annual harvests thereafter. The Company looks forward supplying the exploding craft brewing industry with the most desirable and highest quality hops on the market.prweb

Fraser Valley Hop Farms Inc., Vancouver, British Columbia Canada –, an emerging hops farm and provider of wet and dry hops to breweries throughout North America, headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, specializing in sustainable and eco-friendly farming practices, today announces its attendance at the BC Hop Fest in Abbotsford B.C. As an emerging grower and supplier of both wet and dried/ processed and palletized B.C. hops for micro and macro breweries in both Canada and the U.S., Fraser Valley Hop Farms Inc. is proud to be attending and representing its premium quality, locally grown hops at this event on October 1st, 2016.

BC Hop Fest is a unique annual event that brings together the best of British Columbia’s rapidly growing craft breweries and hop products of all kinds. Hops require just the right amount of sunshine and lots of water, each plant needs 2 gallons of water/day and beer itself is 96% water. The Fraser Valley is the perfect geographical area to raise, nurture and develop the thirsty hop plant, allowing it to grow, strengthen, mature and flourish naturally and with ease on the 49th parallel. Currently, there is over a 13 million pound shortage of hops globally each year, as a result, the hop industry is experiencing rapid growth worldwide. To help supply, sustain and support the burgeoning craft and microbrewery industry, Fraser Valley Hop Farms will focus on producing high-quality Canadian grown hops delivering only the best product to our clients and their customers around the world. Fraser Valley Hop Farms Inc.’s first anticipated harvest will commence in August 2017, with annual harvests thereafter. The Company looks forward supplying the exploding craft brewing industry with the most desirable and highest quality hops on the market.

Fraser Valley Hop Farms Inc. plans on being at the forefront of this boom by offering locally grown hop varieties to local and international breweries with their high-quality, Canadian grown hops.

On October 1st, 2016, two thousand plus hop lovers will be invited to enjoy the offerings of 30 breweries, 5 food trucks and new this year, the first “Hop Market” at a beautiful Sumas Prairie farm. Attendees will start off BC Craft Beer Month by gathering their friends for a Fraser Valley experience like no other. Eating and drinking among hops still on the bine, kicking up their heels to live music, talking to their favorite brew master, and joining the hosts in celebrating the hop harvest at BC Hop Fest 2016. Dedicated to supporting family farms through the world class processing and distribution of high quality BC grown hops to brewers, culinary experts, and hop heads everywhere.

For over a hundred years, Canada’s best hops have come from the Fraser Valley. In the 1940s, B.C. was home to the largest hop-growing area in the British Commonwealth. Although that may have changed for a few years while other growers south of the border had a chance to take the limelight. Today, BC’s craft beer industry isn’t just growing, it’s exploding! With a global shortage of hops further increasing due to severe drought in the Western US, FVHF is proud to be part of a team that is rebuilding the legacy of producing the best Hops in the world. We’re growing every day and it pleases us to no end to think that we can help the best brewers make some of the best beers in the world using our great, Canadian hops. We are passionate about sharing stories from our history, and highlighting the dedication of the entire hop community to help show brewers where their great beer begins.

The best and most desirable hops in the world are grown in the vicinity of the 49th parallel (The Fraser Valley, BC). “The growth of craft beer in B.C. has been and continues to be amazing,” said FVHF head of marketing. “I joined this team because I couldn’t ignore the numbers.

The craft beer industry is explosive and unprecedented…I was also attracted by the company’s mission to build a sustainable workforce as well as the commitment that FVHF has made it a point to develop trade practices that are economically, environmentally and socially responsible. I believe that the world’s population is growing and the earth’s resources are not limitless. knowledge and education are the best multipliers to truly create change. All resources need to be utilized in an economic and judicious manner to ensure that we leave the environment fit for subsequent generations.”

Fraser Valley Hop Farms Inc.’s Management Team can be seen at https://www.fraservalleyhopfarms.com/ seeking to undertake administrative functions to ensure that the business development, operational and office management are carried out effectively and with an emphasis on sustainability special attention to green and Eco friendly practices. “This isn’t about the next five years; this is about the next 150 years, for 10 generations from now. This is about agriculture, family, the environment and bringing humanity back to our roots.”