Founded On Market Demand

After a below average world hop harvest in 2016, FVHF’s began operations to construct a 130 acre (52 hectares) hops field. Supplying hop products is increasingly becoming a critical bottleneck in the craft beer industry.

Craft beer breweries continue to surge in nations such as China, the USA, Brazil, Canada and Russia. The farm was founded in 2016 as a solution to the world hops shortage.  The Fraser Valley area is located on the 49th parallel, which is the best growing conditions for hops.  In the past, hop farms thrived in the area as stated in a recent CBC News Article

Our hops are are grown throughout the annual cropping region of Agassiz, British Columbia. We’re a supplier of hops to both local and international breweries.

The farm currently has 46 acres fully constructed, planted and producing acres for 2018.  Currently growing 7 different hop varieties such as:  Cascade, Trippe Perle, Centennial, Cashmere, Sterling, Tahoma and Chinook. 2018 will be our very first harvest year!  The plants themselves are grown by GreenFlora, a nursery / greenhouse located in Abbotsford.  This gives FVHFs an advantage, as the plants are already over 1 year old when placed in the soil.

Hop Varieties

A Passion For Growing Hops

Our staff consists of tractor operators, pole pounders, planters, wire attachments and tying string.  It’s never a dull moment at the hops farm with our 5-8 full time farming staff.

We’re constantly growing and looking at how to optimize every single aspect of the farm by understanding our environment.  This maintains constancy and  helps our hops to be the very best quality for brew masters.  Our farm keep’s an eye on:  Temperature, humidity, light intensity, air and soil humidity and more.

Meet The Crew!

40 Years Hops Growing Experience | Rick Knight

Rick Knight of Knight Hop Consulting is a legend in the BC hops culture. As a 40 year old hops venter n, he adds considerable value to Fraser Valley Hop Farms. He’s well known as the long-time foreman at the last of BC’s original hop farms. Rick is a member of the BC Hops Growing Association with a formidable past track and experience in the industry. Rick has been working very closely with Fraser Valley Hop Farms Inc to oversee the infrastructure, planting and harvesting of all hop varieties. His wealth of experience and passion has cultivated an invaluable asset to the company.  Learn More About Rick Knight!

We’re focused on providing premium quality hops and uncompromising service. Our team is driven by a profound appreciation for our natural resources and a heartfelt respect for the communities and customers we serve. Together, this creates a culture of continuous improvement centered on sustain-ably produced, innovative hop products for beer.

Feasability Study

Future Of Hops

Business Plan 2017

Proxy For Moisture

Corporate Office |  Fraser Valley Hop Farms Inc

At Fraser Valley Hop Farms Inc, we grow, harvest, package and sell premium grade hops for breweries around the world.

Our core team works in a state of the art facility, located on SeaBird and shipped to our customers worldwide.  This team has a proven past track record with years of experience in their specific field.  Hop varieties, combined with our northerly latitude and the cool moderating breezes from British Columbia, allow us to offer our brewery customers the hops they need in order produce great tasting beer.

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In honor of beer’s agricultural root, BC Hops are grown here.

We take pride in sharing the success our brew masters experience with our high quality hops grown.  Innovative farming techniques past down from generation to generation combined with today’s technology has optimized annual yields.

State-of-the-art hops production located On Sea Bird Island, has demonstrate an unparalleled commitment to continuous improvement and sustainability.  Everyone at Fraser Valley Hop Farms is dedicated to being an active and independent contributor.  This foundation does not only benefit our breweries but also our employee’s, partners and associated members.

Farm Located On Sea Bird Island, BC


Land Survey Reflecting The Farm's Layout | Seabird First Nation Agassiz

Land Survey & Layout For The Farm

Meet The Team  |  At Fraser Valley Hop Farms Inc

At Fraser Valley Hop Farms Inc, we grow, harvest, package and sell premium grade hops for breweries around the world.

Our core team works in a state of the art facility, located on SeaBird and shipped to our customers worldwide.  This team has a proven past track record with years of experience in their specific field.  Hop varieties, combined with our northerly latitude and the cool moderating breezes from British Columbia, allow us to offer our brewery customers the hops they need in order produce great tasting beer.  (Contact Us)

Managing Director |  Alex Blackwell

Alex – Our managing director comes from a financial back ground and has the confidence, integrity, honesty, work ethic and experience needed to unite and lead this tight team of winners, keeping us all on track day by day, month by month.

Alex lives and breaths ambition for hops and the craft beer industry. A seasoned professional with an upbeat and positive disposition.

Shane D. Toews |  Marketing Director  |  Fraser Valley Hop Farms Inc

Shane – Our Marketing director and master systems engineer, Shane works closely with our farm operations manager to configure the next generation of smart farming technology located at

Ensuring that our presence online is second to none, which is part of our formula for success in this rapidly expanding digital age.  We are always active in the press as well as issuing our own press releases, we have just been featured in the CBC News, Huffington Post, Global News and more.

Shane is also Fraser Valley Hop Farms’ technical visionary, steering the company’s technology strategy as a whole.  Shane brings a wealth of enterprise system integration experience to the technical team at Fraser Valley Hop Farms  He is invaluable as a senior director with the farm.

Teya K. Blackwell  |  Investor Relations Director  |  Fraser Valley Hop Farms Inc

Teya K. Blackwell is An Investor Relations Director, a university graduate with over ten years of professional experience in finance, sales, marketing, corporate communications, business, and insurance. Normally,Teya communicates with the company shareholders and investors however, Teya has found herself as a part of the executive management of Fraser Valley Hop Farms and Blackwell Capital Corp (respectively).

Teya has an ability to provide oversight across all supported enterprise systems in FVHF’s client portfolio, ensuring success and long-term growth. We invite you to brows through our website paying special attention to the news and press releases section as there is always something exciting happening at FVHF.

Matt Wassenaar |  Field General Manager  |  Fraser Valley Hop Farms Inc

Originally from the Netherlands and growing up in Williams Lake, BC, Matt is a Red Seal Journeyman Carpenter specializing in residential and industrial construction with extensive experience in construction management and project estimating. Matt fully understands the importance of building quality projects that meet and exceed building codes, the paramountcy of working within construction budgets and value of maintaining an organized and injury free job site. He already possesses many skills that are essential and relevant for the diverse job requirements on the hops farm, Matt is the type of person that rises to the occasion when a challenge presents itself.

Matt has two main objectives as General Manager The First Objective: To ensure the farm’s infrastructure is layed out and built of quality beyond industry standard while working within our predetermined budget and time frame. This will include overseeing the quality and quantity of work completed by our sub-trades, ensuring the efficient operation of our equipment and working with our experienced consultants regarding irrigation and fertilizing of the plants. The Second Objective: To ensure we grow hops of exceptional quality on a consistent basis therefore giving our clients an opportunity to provide a quality product

Matt has been a long time member of the Williams Lake 4-H Agriculture Club for youth. 4-H is a non-profit youth organization who’s main objective is to provide young people with the opportunity to learn how to become accountable, self assured adults who can make their respective community a better place in which to live.

Matt brings his extensive experience and determination to the farm each and everyday. We are proud to have him on our team and look forward to observing him accomplish many milestones as the farm expands.

Grower Consulting

Whether it’s equipment purchasing, trellis design, drying or even setting up your own processing lab, we can propose the right agreement to take your plans to reality.


Like any other specialty crop the equipment needed to grow and harvest hops is unique – engineering solutions to seemingly insurmountable hops production issues.

Quality Management

Managed according to internationally recognized principles of continuous improvement under which we have developed quality and environmental management systems certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards.

Interested in learning more about what Fraser Valley Hops has to offer?

Fraser Valley is perfect geographical location to cultivate and nurture the growing of an agricultural product in demand. The farm produces a wide variety and selection of hops you can count on.Fraser Valley Hop Farms is uniquely positioned to promote and establish strong relationships between the family farms who supply our premium hops and the innovative brewing customers who utilize our products in their beers. We are passionate about sharing stories from our history, and highlighting the dedication of the entire hop community to help show brewers where their great beer begins.

For this reason, we have made it our mission to connect family farms with the world’s finest brewers, providing the highest quality hop products and uncompromising service for the ultimate benefit of our customers, employees and growers.

We love growing great tasting hops supplied to local and international brew masters that demand the finest. Locally grown in Fraser Valley.


Fraser Valley Hop Farms is dedicated to developing ultra-high-quality hops as a specialty cash crop for Midwestern farmers to supply to brewers all over the world.

FVHF provides education, outreach, processing, and sales services to growers and brewers.

We take it personally when we hear people say that “small scale hop production can’t be done”.

Our goal? Quality, responsible hop production at all levels, whether you are a backyard homebrewer or a 50+ acre career hop farmer.