The Hops Farm Has Expanded To A New Total Of 84-acres | Happy New Year!

An Agassiz grower is expanding to a new total of 127-acres (51.3 hectares) of hops infrastructure. Of which, 84-acres (33.9 hectares) have been planted with Cascade, Centennial, Chinook, Sterling, Triple Pearl and Tahoma hop varieties.

Fraser Valley Hop Farms Inc field operations manager Matt Wassenaar says construction has been consistent through-out 2018 and will continue in the new year of 2019, with additional planting production scheduled to begin in the spring of 2019.

He says the farm will house a range of hop varieties to be grown using drip line irrigation, allowing for efficient watering and fertilization down the rows of Canadian-grown hops.

Year 2019 will include a variety of hop crops from an Abbotsford based greenhouse, Green Flora including such hop varieties as: Apollo, Galena, Mount Hood, Nugget, Magnum, BC Goldings and East Kent Goldings.

The company says a greater supply of Canadian-grown Hops produced and harvested in the fall of 2019, will ensure that Fraser Valley Hop Farms successfully meets increased market demands within the hops category with consistently fresh and high-quality products for craft beer breweries.

The first full growing season in our Agassiz farm has been very successful so far, so with the same technology used in the Yakima Valley, Washington has being implemented at Fraser Valley Hop Farms Inc, we expect similar success,” says Alex Blackwell, executive managing director at Fraser Valley Hop Farms Inc.

We should see higher production, greater efficiency in the growing process, and consistently high-quality products that our breweries can depend on.” says Shane Toews, executive marketing director at Fraser Valley Hop Farms Inc.

Matt Wassenaar (Farm Operations Manager) & Rick Knight

One of the farms primary consultants, Rick Knight with Knight Hops Consulting has been a key player for the expansion of fields constructed and planted for 2018. This includes fields 2,3,4 and 5 bringing the total number of constructed acres up to 75-acres (30.35 hectares).

The company has also confirmed the deposit / purchase of 3 (three) Wolf WHE 280 processing machines. The machine is visually very similar to WHE 140 and WHE 170, however, it is characterized by larger sizes than its predecessors and a greater number of gathering drums – as many as 9. It is even more efficient than its smaller versions (280 bines /h) and it proves perfectly effective hops processing.

With supplemental smart farm technology iOT and other innovations being launched on the hops field, the Agassiz farm will be equipped with the same growing technologies as seen in Washington state.

Once construction is complete on the new processing facility, Fraser Valley Hop Farms Inc will be on target to process hops in the fall of 2019’s harvest.

The management of FVHF’s extends a sincere Thank You! to all staff members, contractors, suppliers and farming partners for the collective effort in 2018 and we look forward to another productive year in 2019.