FVHFs supplies hops to the global industry with an environmental focus to be sustainable, reliable and quality driven. 

An innovative commercial application to optimize, organize and maximize earnings. Smart sensors and data analytics will plot FVHFs supply chain visibility, farm staff, management, sales, marketing, warehouse monitoring and view the chain of events.


Environmental sustainability farming applications deliver 24/7 visibility into soil and crop health, energy consumption levels and more.

  • Sensors to measure poles or cables.
  • Temperature of shipped hops.
  • Air humidity, wind speed, data.
  • Vibration consignments to detect irregularities.
  • Escalation on human error.
  • Economic use of equipment to prevent deterioration.


No we don’t mean social media.

By understanding previous hop growing cycles and their correlation with various statistics (soil pH, humidity, etc.) .

A segregated database of historical data for has been implemented to optimize annual crop yields. Past events can often times predict the future.

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100% local hop supplier focused on providing premium quality hops and uncompromising service. Our team is driven by a profound appreciation for our natural resources and a heartfelt respect for the communities and customers we serve. Together, this creates a culture of continuous improvement centered on sustain-ably produced, innovative hop products for beer.



Hops are built to last and so are we. Dedicated to creating value past down from generation to generation.

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MyHops is a technology product produced by Fraser Valley Hop Farms Inc.

Found at https://myhops.farm/ has an extensive array of charting for both beginners and seasoned analytical enthusiasts. Several charting styles have been modeled after industry standards. Our inspiration came from candlesticks, area, lines and bars and other visualization tools to pull the latest hops farm data specific to Fraser Valley Hop Farms Inc.

Extensive feasibility, technical studies, reports and soil samples are available in the documents repository for the most sophisticated user. The data members see is a combination of government data sets made available, private business intelligence. We make it simple. Plug and play, quickly providing a user with up-to-date information about the health of the company at a glance.

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Financial and Fundamental

Predicted Yields

Earnings estimates are possibly the most important data points when attempting to value a company. Analysts use a variety of considerations, including their own proprietary analytics and standardized forecasting models, guidance from corporate management and other information on the company, in order to predict the future earnings of a company.

Extensive earnings data includes:

  • Current Target Price

  • Target Price History

  • Consensus EPS Estimates TrendEarnings Surprise

Predicted Future

Hops & Internet of Things

We’re constantly looking at how to optimize every single aspect of the farm.  This data is to maximize potential revenue by understanding our environment.  This solution helps our hops to be the very best quality for brew masters.  Data like temperature, humidity, light intensity, air and soil humidity are collected directly from the hops farm.

Member benefits by receiving  alerts, reports and predictive analysis based on this data on a tablet or mobile – any time and anywhere.

Internet Of Hops

Members Dashboard  |  Free Access

Would you like access to your secure dashboard?  Member access is free of charge and provides a wide range of data such as:

  • View dashboard and per acre information

  • View historical area and weekly trends

  • Leaf moisture, plant health can identify both rain and dew

  • Monitor inversion strength

  • Pest prevention and detection using sound waves

  • Calculate wet-bulb and dew-point

  • Temperature and humidity trend analysis on every hops producing acre

  • Analysis of previous frost events & compare data

  • Set email alerts based on thresholds

MyHops.Farm Dashboard

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The talented team at FVHF has been providing premium quality hops to home brewers nationwide. We are proud to supply home brewers with our complete selection of hop pellets and whole leaf hops in custom-designed one ounce and one pound packaging.

In order to service breweries of all sizes, FVHF has established a strategic market segmentation partnership with some of the biggest brewing facilities within North America.


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